Week in Review

Here are links to my web published materials for this week:

1. The Myth of "The One" - A look at the marriage-destroying idea that there is just one perfect match "made in heaven" for each person.

2. A review of John Chrysostom in the latest edition of Themelios. - This is an academic book review, but it is a book that many would find interesting. A great look into the life of a man of God.

3. Martin Luther's View on Why the Clarity of Scripture Matters for Vocation - My latest post at the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.

4. David Livingstone, Abolitionist - David Livingstone's work to end the slave trade in East Africa was, perhaps, his most significant effort with the greatest impact. Read about it here.

There probably won't be another week in the next decade that I have this much material published, so I thought it was worth celebrating.