Bible Reading Plans For This Year

Recommended Bible Reading Plans:

1. Cover to cover, through the Bible in one year. 7 days a week.

2. Read through the whole Bible in one year. 5 days a week. Recommended for parents and busy professionals who might need a couple of days to catch up with their plan.

3. Chronological through the Bible. 7 days a week. Recommended for those who have already read through Scripture at least once and are trying to figure out the timeline of biblical history.

4. Through the Bible in two years. Recommended for those who might not read as quickly as others, or who are simply want to work through the Bible more slowly this year.

5. The Bible reading plan for Shirkers and Slackers. No shame in using this one, honest. Just use it, please. It skips around from day to day and doesn't get you through the whole Bible in a year, it also doesn't guilt you if you "fall behind." Just do it!

Recommended Audio Versions of Scripture:

Note: I do not recommend using a Bible app to replace a paper version for worship service participation or regular devotions. All things are permissible, but not all things beneficial. Reading on screens tends to be associated with lower retention rates and a higher probability of distraction. Therefore, I am recommending these apps for their audio, not as a replacement for your trusty paper Bible.

1. ESV Bible App from Crossway - You need to be on WIFI or data to use the audio, but it works well. Only the ESV is available from Crossway. This is free.

2. You Version - This app allows you to pick a wide range of versions to listen to. You need to be on WIFI or data to use the audio. This is free.

Other Resources on Bible Reading:

1. A blog post by Spence Spencer on the importance of Bible reading.

2. "Why are Christians so Bored with the Bible?" - A post at Desiring God

3. A short audio recommendation of where to start reading the Bible if you have never done so by John Piper.