Worth Reading - 12/11

1. Watch the skies of Michigan for rocket-propelled porta-johns:

Orion, Schmorion. While the supergeniuses at NASA were launching their next-gen spacecraft last week, the Michiana Rocketry club was hard at work launching a porta-potty into the sky.
There are three wonderful things about scholarship: it brings to light the hidden glory of God; it gives you joy in the act of digging up the gold that lies hidden in creation; and it grants you the honor of raising the level and well-being of human life. So whatever made you think that you can become a scholar merely by studying and cramming for exams?

3. The Smithsonian Magazine is reporting about the discovery of a fish that can camouflage its scent:

Skilled predators see their prey in more than one way. Whether they’re detecting motion or heat, sensing electromagnetic signals or relying on good old fashioned eyesight, many predators take a multi-pronged approach to finding dinner. Avoiding becoming their next meal, then, means working out ways to hide that foil all of these senses at once.

4. Hunt with the world's last full-time hunter/gatherers, from National Geographic.

5. Christian hashtags and trolls, the perception and reality:

But everyone on Twitter is learning that a hashtag cuts both ways — it can be hijacked or lampooned by detractors, and it’s a key way that online activists are pushing back against opposing messages or what some might even call hate speech.