Weekend Reading - 12/20

1. Huffington Post (of all places) has put up an really neat infographic of the geneology of Jesus. This is worth the click-through.

2. A techno-geek, self-employed programmer and seminary student offers some helpful advice on maximizing productivity:

This fall, I have had a lot on my plate: building HolyBible.com, continuing to work for Quest Consultants, and doing a pastoral ministry internship. I needed to be more productive—a lot more. Happily, I have been, and it only took three small changes.

3. Here is my latest post at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics on the difference between a (relatively) free market and consumerism:

Greed is a pursuit of personal gain that neglects the common good and places ultimate value on the material prosperity. It results in serving money as a master and excessively valuing possessions on earth, which Christ cautions against (Matthew 6:19–24).Greed and contentment cannot coexist.

4. SEBTS professor, John Hammett, writes on the topic of salvation and the mission of God at Christianity Today:

My own view, which is a multiple intention view of the atonement, goes further to affirm that the atonement of Christ is also intended to, in some sense, reconcile all things to God (Cor. 1:20). Thus my view of the atonement leads me to affirm that God’s mission included making all things new, and is grounded in the cosmic intention of the atonement. Others affirm this aspect of mission, but do not connect it in the same way with a view on the extent of the atonement.

5. Every year at Christmas-time, Southern Baptists give to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. This link goes to a video that explains who Lottie Moon is. It is well done and worth watching.