Worth Reading - 1/19

1. Today is the celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here is his famous, "I have a dream speech" in full:

2. This is a link to King's famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail." If you have not read this, it is worth taking the time to read this six page PDF.

3. Russell Moore asks whether seeking to glorify God is, in and of itself, a hate crime? This is a discussion of the degree to which the privatization of religion violates the fundamental nature of religion itself.

The Bible’s argument is not that all the food and drink ought to be “taken over” by coercively Christian manufacturers and distributors. In fact, the argument is exactly the reverse.

Paul is telling believers to eat the food sold in the marketplace without having to interrogate about its religious pedigree, and only to refrain from eating something if it would cause a problem of conscience for someone else.

The “glory of God” is about living with thankfulness, in ways that are consistent with the ways of Christ. Christians believe they glorify God by loving our neighbors, by serving the poor, by helping the sick and the lonely, by showing honor and kindness to everyone.

The fact that some would find this statement controversial demonstrates ignorance of a basic tenet of mere Christianity, ignorance with public consequences.

4. Walter Strickland reviews the recent movie, "Selma":

Selma is a reliable and compelling account of a three month vignette of the larger civil rights movement. Since the basic framework of the historical account is depicted, I am not particularly interested in mulling over the amount of artistic license taken in the dialogues with Dr. King and President Lyndon B. Johnson, and between Coretta Scott King and Malcolm X, although it would be a fruitful study. My purpose is to draw our collective attention to the influence of the Christian faith in the Selma story, the “foot soldiers” of the movement, and the tensions between black civil rights organizations.