Worth Reading - 4/30

There are two equally damaging lies about this life.

One is that we were meant to merely “get by,” never moving beyond ourselves to do anything truly great. So many people live unconcerned with anyone or anything other than themselves.

The other lie is that the only way we can accomplish anything truly great is through huge, grand acts or complicated sacrifices. Some people spend their life chasing all but impossible tasks to demonstrate their desire to make things better.

Neither of these extremes are the solution. They present a false dichotomy between impotent actions and empty words.

But I don’t think it has to be that way. I think you and I can change the world for good and we can do so before we even eat breakfast in the morning.

Here are four practical ways you can make a lasting, if not eternal impact, on this world before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee.

2. Far from disproving Scripture as an accurate historical record, archaeologists continue to find evidence of authenticity of Scripture. This post relates fifty individuals who have been dated consistently with the biblical timeline through archaeological processes:

In “Archaeology Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible” in the March/April 2014 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Purdue University scholar Lawrence Mykytiuk lists 50 figures from the Hebrew Bible who have been confirmed archaeologically. The 50-person chart in BAR includes Israelite kings and Mesopotamian monarchs as well as lesser-known figures.

Mykytiuk writes that “at least 50 people mentioned in the Bible have been identified in the archaeological record. Their names appear in inscriptions written during the period described by the Bible and in most instances during or quite close to the lifetime of the person identified.” The extensive Biblical and archaeological documentation supporting the BAR study is published here in a web-exclusive collection of endnotes detailing the Biblical references and inscriptions referring to each of the 50 figures.
François Michelin (1926-2015), former leader of the the world’s second-largest tire maker, died early today at the age of 88. Michelin was actively involved in the French tire company, Group Michelin, until 2002, driving unprecedented growth for the company. His “passion for innovation” and “his uncompromising attention to quality” no doubt caused the tire company to thrive. Automotive News reported a statement from current Group Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard: “On behalf of the Group’s employees, I would like to pay special tribute to this exceptional man who was universally respected for his values, his convictions, and his vision.”
Buzzfeed is calling for all the kids who had strict, conservative, fundamendalist parents to grouse about how horrible it was to grow up guided by two strong pairs of hands. I guess they wouldn’t know it from, you know, observing other people, but perhaps the only thing worse than having strict parents is having lax parents.