Earth Day Reading - 4/22

1. The Gospel Coalition ran a post I wrote about engaging culture through Earth Day as Christians:

Our churches spend vast amounts of time and money on outreach programs to engage our communities outside the church. We have a strong interest in engaging our neighbors with the gospel. Participating in Earth Day activities is one way we can meet with fellow citizens—many of whom need to hear the gospel—by engaging in activities for the common good and building meaningful relationships.

As people of the cross living in a world that needs to hear and see the message of the gospel, becoming cobelligerents for the common good through certain forms of environmentalism may provide opportunity to connect to our communities by being good neighbors.

When we use resources wisely, pick up trash, and maintain the landscaping in our parks, we demonstrate thankfulness for God’s work in creating the world around us. We also point forward to a future state of flourishing when a frustrated creation will be set free from “its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Rom 8:21). Caring for creation can powerfully demonstrate God’s love.

2. On the same topic, here is the interview I did with Steve Noble a couple of weeks ago on his radio show, Called2Action:

3. My posts on environmental ethics here at Ethics and Culture:

4. The American Enterprise Institute shared an infographic representing public opinions on the environment.