Worth Reading - 1/9

1. Trevin Wax interviews the pastor who just preached the world's longest sermon on record. The entire Bible in over 53 consecutive hours:

My wife leads the kid’s ministry at our church, and there was an activity she was doing with the kids that involved Guinness World Records. I remember thinking, “I wonder what the longest sermon ever preached was.”

First, I love to preach and anytime God’s Word goes out, it accomplishes something and so the longer I preach, the more opportunity for the grace of Jesus to be shared and make an impact in someone’s life. Secondly, I’m really competitive and so I thought it would be pretty cool to have a world-record! As I investigate with Guinness, they do not have a category for “Longest Sermon Marathon,” but they sent back the “Longest Speech Marathon” as an alternative.

2. The recent attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo is sobering. This is evidenced particularly when comics like Conan O'Brien interrupt their usually jovial monologues to deliver straight up content: