Worth Reading - 11/24/14

1. My review of Daniel Heimbach's Book, Why Not Same-Sex Marrriage over at The Gospel Coalition.

2. Time assets and debts. This is a new way of looking at tasks and projects in your life. H/T Trevin Wax.

3. The story of a French atheist becoming a theologian from Christianity today.

4. Time magazine recently published a short article on William Jennings Bryan, who was famous for his role in the Scopes trial. They note that he was largely opposing the logical outworkings of Darwinian evolution, particularly social Darwinism. In the end they don't give him enough credit, but it is a more balanced treatment than he usually gets and it is worth a read.

5. A Saturday Night Live skit on an Executive Order, a play off of the School House Rocks short animated film that covers the life of a Bill.