Worth Reading -1/28

1. I am the chief of sinners in this regard, but there is evidence that productivity at work is actually increased when people take vacations:

If you’re thinking about workplace productivity, vacations and naps probably don’t come to mind. In fact, they may seem to be the very definition of “counterproductive.”

But research shows that taking a break from work—whether it’s a noontime snooze or a week or two off—makes you more refreshed and productive when you come back.

The problem is getting Americans to believe it.

2. Your expectations as to what you will be expected to remember strongly impact your ability to remember, according to a recent study:

We found that in some cases, people have trouble remembering even very simple pieces of information when they do not expect to have to remember them,” said Brad Wyble, assistant professor of psychology at Penn State.

3. If you didn't see it on Monday, consider taking a look at my post on the concerns Christians should consider when using Social Media:

One of the main limitations of electronic communication is the lack of tone. This means that e-mails between people who are generally unfamiliar with each other have a strong potential to be misread and misinterpreted.

It is no mystery that losing the facial expressions, body language that you get with a face to face conversation. Even the cue of a tone of voice is missing from electronic communication. These make communicating electronically a perpetual danger.

4. An interesting article (with lots of pictures) about National Geographic's continued efforts in cartography:

5. A video of a lecture discussing C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism. It is long, but from what I've watched so far, well worth the time to finish:

H/T @joecarter and @ActonInstitute