Weekend Reading - 11/28/2014

1. Joe Carter points out we should be thankful for low cost food.

2. Dylan Pahman argues that religious freedom and economic liberty are closely related over at Public Discourse.

3. The link between Baptists and the Pilgrims. From Baptist Press. Featuring some quotes from the forthcoming book by Nathan Finn and co.

4. Elise Amyx over at The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics considers the question of shopping on Thanksgiving day.

5. Another  opinion on the blackness of Black Friday, from Josephe Sunde at Acton. This is an interesting thought and worth a look.

Weekend Links

1. Here are 15 of the worst Christian book covers of 2014.

2. A scene from Trains, Planes and Automobiles in preparation for safe Thanksgiving travels.

3. Continuing with the Thanksgiving/Family theme, here is an old post from The Art of Manliness on establishing positive family traditions.

4. Over at Public Discourse, Elise Italiano considers what education should look like and whether the 1:1 ratio between students and electronic devices is the best way to construct a classroom.

5. Why do successful people seem to wear the same thing day in and day out? Simplicity.